Laxmi Mineral
Petcoke Powder, Petcoke, Petroleum Coke, Petcoke fines
We manufacture these products using various carbon elements and these products are used as fuel in several industries. We offer these products as per the given information by our valued customers. We are providing a wide range of Pet Coke, which is widely used as primary fuel for generating energy.

Petroleum Coke Powder
The Petroleum coke chunks are finely grinded into petroleum coke powder. Our manufacturers use all latest techniques for grinding them in which there is no loss quality. Our calcined petroleum coke powder is mixed with cement to make electromagnets. These are used by many of the leading industries for better production of their products as these act as a fuel that gives maximum heat with less amount of ash and plays an important role as a cost factor to all the other energy substitutes.

Petcoke Lumps 0mm to 70mm
Our supply of best quality coke has listed us in the list of most prominent petroleum coke suppliers in India. The calcined petroleum coke is used as chunks for the manufacturing of electrodes as the petroleum coke is composed of carbon elements. The carbon is the best conductor of electricity. Besides, it is also used in the manufacturing of steel and aluminum as it gives maximum output in less time. The petroleum coke is within your customized requirements.
Petcoke Lumps 1mm to 5mm
The Coke Dust is a semi-residual part, which is obtained by the removal of moisture and re-construction of coke. Our manufacturers take all the necessary steps to provide the best quality of coke dust.

Petcoke Lumps 6mm to 15mm
The fixed carbon content of coke breeze is very high. Our coke breeze is free from dust or any other foreign particles and contamination.

Petcoke Lumps 15mm to 50mm
Which is a soft, medium grade coal; these lumps are procured by us from reliable vendors. Our clients can avail this product from us at industry foremost prices

We supply best quality industrial petcoke that is used on large scale for various processes as it is capable of producing high amount of steam in comparison to some other fuels. We also supply steam boilers coke to industries that are using boilers for the manufacturing of their respective products. The prices of the steam coal are quite sound. Contamination.