Laxmi Mineral
The shed is more than 33 ft so that there is minimal air pollution. We have proper labour rooms assigned for each family member of Laxmi mineral as we believe Human Resource plays a vital role in growth and development of the company. We have conveyor belts installed in the plants so as to ease the process and feasibility of process. We have a special conveyor system installed which is first in this industry which is called lifting system after which we require only 2 labours in comparison to 12 labours earlier. Conveyors help the process to be uniform and similarity in sewing and screening
and grading of Petcoke, In a way we can say it's a semi-automated plant which we proudly acclaim to be the pioneers in this industry. Importantly we have recently researched and developed a Drier Killing through which we can dry up the basic Raw petcoke. At the time of receipt of the raw material it contains moisture up to 8% to 9% and during monsoon the same increases up to 14%. And as our finish product contains less than 2% moisture it really helps us to cater our customers up to quality committed."